Well…Hello Pogi!

Being a beach lover, Bohol is one of those places that is a must-go for me in the Philippines, which is probably the reason why I’ve been there more than a dozen times.  Surprisingly, there is more to Bohol than its white powdery sand beaches, and at the risk of sounding like a tourist campaign ad, Bohol is really THE place to be if you are needing or wanting some R and R (no, I do not work for the Board of Tourism of Bohol LOL).  And although it was hit majorly in Typhoon Haiyan, Bohol never seemed to loose its luster, you can still go and marvel at the wonder that is the Chocolate Hills (they really look like chocolate truffles), go scuba diving under crystal blue waters, AND……………..go see the TINIEST MONKEY in the world, that’s right!  IN THE WORLD.  Tarsiers are really really tiny nocturnal creatures with enormous beady eyes, and they make great pets….okay okay that’s just my inner child talking..they are endangered species and can’t live outside their habitat…so there will be no bringing one home for me.  But luckily for me and you….we can still have them as pets, if not in our first life, then in our second life!!!!!!! Fresh created these uberly cute Tarsiers called Pogi (Pogi means “handsome” in Filipino) for us to enjoy inworld in SL and they are available at the Wild Things event as a Gacha for only 50L per play, with only 5 commons and 3 rares, it’s not only cheap, it is easy to complete your set.

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Fresh:  Pogi Mabuhay Box 2 Rare – Wild Things Event 

On Me:

Hair:  Exile –  After The Rain – Sparkle Natural – (Free Gift)  Hair Fair July

Skin:  Glam Affair – Aria Skin – The Arcade March

Hands and Feet:  Slink

Romper:  Zenith – Milked and Denim Zipped Romper

Footwear:  Fri – Wayfaring Sandals